* Between The Sea (the Med) and The Alps -- {Pronounce: ontruh la mair eh lay zalp}

Monday, October 12, 2015

Our annual camp retreat

2015 Retreat 01As if we hadn't recently just spent a busy tiring week up at a camp facility giving it the annual clean-up, we were back up there this weekend just to enjoy the grounds as intended.  Our church is one of the supporters of the camp, and we go up every fall for a group get-away. 

Unfortunately, last year's event was canceled, as our pastor broke his back jumping into some canoeing rapids just before the event.  So the advances we made at last year's work week were not appreciated until this year.  Here's a taste of some of what took place.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Power of precipitation

Biot Flood 01Mother Nature has not been playing nice in our region.  Just about every other weekend for the past month or so, we've had intense severe downpours.  As we live on the side of a hill, sometimes these inundations can produce catastrophic results. 

While we have personally experienced some disheartening damage to recently cleaned and developed areas involving months of manual labor, it all pales in comparison to the devastation suffered all around our area this past weekend.  Sunday afternoon, we visited one of the worst hit, so you can follow us as we saw it all firsthand.

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