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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A springtime restoration

2016 Spring Camp 01

For a number of years now, we have participated in the upkeep of a camp facility.  As there is nobody local to maintain the camp, there are generally two work weeks scheduled during the year -- one in spring and one in the fall. 

As we have no full-time obligations elsewhere, Doc Leo and I usually volunteer for the whole time period.  Sometimes, we're the only ones, sometimes there's a really nice crowd.

Having been neglected since the growing season began this year, nature gave us quite a bit of exterior work to do in preparing for the summer camp season.  Here's a little of what we faced last week and how we tamed it!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

PR Meet-up Monaco

PR Monaco 01Last weekend, my favorite sewing site, Pattern Review, held their annual meet-up weekend, this time in Chicago.  It must be a fabulous opportunity to meet various members who support the site and have a common interest, especially ones who are actively involved and have thus become virtual acquaintances. 

I will probably never get to find out, although I was quite sad last year when they met in Los Angeles, as I would have loved to double the trip and see all my family.

However, I did get to do the next best thing last month and participate in probably the first meet-up in Monaco!  I thought I'd share the experience as well as a little virtual tour of the second smallest country in the world.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A never-ending wardrobe collection

Endless Circle 01Once again, I just participated in another sewing contest.  While this one was also a multi-garment contest (usually there's only one item to be made during a month period), it was much tamer than the last Wardrobe Contest.  Instead of a set number of ten items, this one only required four, but you could do as many as you wanted after that.  The only requirement was that the second item had to go with the first, the third had to go with the second, etc.

Well, I got carried away, and I did a completely endless set of nine items!  So I thought I would share the process.

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