* Between The Sea (the Med) and The Alps -- {Pronounce: ontruh la mair eh lay zalp}

Who we were then, who we are now

We are an American couple who moved to Paris on business over 20 years ago, loved our new life, stayed because we could, then moved down to the sunnier French Riviera on a permanent basis over 10 years ago.  Our lives are filled with all kinds of diverse activities.  Follow us as we continue to modify and enlarge our home ourselves, landscape our hillside property ourselves, interact with a very international community, including the French themselves, and just generally enjoy life.

Alpine Queen is the author of this blog and thus writes from a personal standpoint.  She enjoys dabbling in amateur photography, decorates a cake or two, including American style wedding cakes for the French, does most of the homestead gardening and house enlargement design, while trying to find time to continue a lifetime of sewing activity (yes, the two construction concepts are interconnected).  

Doc Leo is now retired as an electronics engineer in the post-production video business, and he is currently serving as secretary of our local church.  Both of us try to participate in local village activities, including a weekly country line-dance class (the French are more American than we are!), invite friends to dinners and annual American-style holiday parties, and stay fairly involved in our little Calvary Chapel congregation.  

Our three kids are scattered over the globe, two in different parts of the US and one in Paris.  We have two grandsons 19 years apart in age and an ocean apart in location.

The purpose of this blog is to keep up with family and old friends we left behind, while hoping to share our adventures with new friends we continue to meet along the way.  Hop on and enjoy the ride with us!


  1. I can write a comment!!!!! Aunt Barbara, this is awesome. Good for you!

  2. Oh, and Alina mailed off your package Saturday. She also threw in a german magazine with some patterns in the back. I would love to see the outcome of the materials sent.


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